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MEAN-HOW is a professional and local China sourcing service body for oversea importers and provides one-stop China sourcing service to all oversea importers in a convenient and economical manner. We can help all importers search and screen quality potential certified suppliers, investigate and on-site assess them, help importers select, qualify and manage China suppliers as well as conduct regular supplier assessment and supplier audit,make improvement,implement supplier development,on-site quality control,order follow-up,daily production schedule and delivery monitoring, etc.
In addition, we can recommend audited factory and certified suppliers to importers as per ethical standard, technical and quality standards and C-TPAT(security) standard so that importers can find suitable suppliers, meet their clients’ requirements and get orders with higher efficiency and less sourcing risk within a short time as well as provide factory audit consulting and factory pre-audit before end clients’formal audit, perform factory audit as per importers’own code and requirements,identifying and managing all the sourcing risks.

MEAN-HOW always keeps integrity, open and transparent to all importers. MEAN-HOW is not any sales agent of any supplier. MEAN-HOW only charges service commission instead of price profit with importers according to the provided China sourcing service.
One-stop local China sourcing service not only provides economical and convenient service to all foreign importers without sourcing office or branches in China, but also many experts of MEAN-HOW can help importers identify business opportunities,control sourcing risks,improve supply performance and establish long-term strategic business relationship with good suppliers.