Why choose audited factories?

Certified suppliers and audited factories are familiar with client’s requirements, which will save much time for importers to find and qualify their suitable factories and reduce risks of bad product quality and delayed delivery.


More and more clients have strict and complex qualification process for their factories. Potential factories also will be required to be audited by their own teams or 3rd parties in terms of quality management, social compliance, ethical standard, C-TPAT(security),HSE and client's own code, which will decide if a factory can be selected.


Certified suppliers and audited factories are normally ever qualified by some clients or some standards. They are in compliance with these requirements and some of them are suppliers of end clients as well as hold some popular certification and qualification for some clients.


If required, they can be used soon for orders without a timeconsuming qualification and certification process as well as sourcing risks of disqualification.