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1.What benefits can we get from Mean-How sourcing service?

In China, we can provide you with a stop of sourcing service in an economical, convenient and secure manner.

We can help you save time, money as well as grab business opportunity and reduce sourcing risk in China.

2. Why should we choose Mean-How?


Mean-How‘ sponsor ever worked in the global largest 3rd party auditing company for several years and conducted over 1,000 audits on behalf of many global retailers and brands, through which we know different clients’ sourcing and supplier audit requirements as well as many factories’ basic information. Since establishing our own consulting company, we have provided factory audit consulting to over several thousand of factories and help them pass audit and then get orders from oversea clients.


We are familiar with about 5,000 factories as well as know global retailers and brands’ souring and supplier audit requirements.


We can help oversea importers handle one stop of sourcing affairs in China in an economical, convenient and secure manner. 

3.What sourcing service can we get from you?


Mean-How can help all importers search and screen quality potential suppliers, investigate and on-site assess these potential suppliers, help exporters select, qualify and manage Chinese suppliers as well as conduct regular supplier assessment and make improvement, implement supplier development, on-site quality control, order follow-up,daily production schedule and delivery monitoring, etc.


In addition, we can recommend certified,audited and qualified suppliers to importers as per ethical standard,technical and quality standards and C-TPAT(security) standard so that importers can find suitable suppliers, meet their clients’requirements and get orders with higher efficiency and less sourcing risk. 


We also provides factory audit consulting and pre-audit before end clients’formal audit, factory audit as per importers’own code and requirements, identifying and managing all the sourcing risks.

4. Is Mean-How any sales agent of any factory?


No, Mean-How always keeps integrity, open and transparent to all importers.


Mean-How is not any sales agent of any factory.


Mean-How only charges service commission instead of price profit with importers according to the provided sourcing service.

5. Can you recommend certified factories to us?


Yes, we can help importers search and select suitable audited or certified factories according to the detailed sourcing requirements of importers all over China.

6. Can you help our factories pass the required factory audit?


Yes, we can also help you provide training and consultation to your factories so that they can improve their working conditions and finally pass audit.

7. Can you help us develop our Chinese suppliers so that they can comply with clients’ requirements?


Yes, First,  Mean-How can train them on importers’ procurement procedures so that they know procurement flows and importers’ detailed requirements.


Second, Mean-How will perform complete audit in terms of quality management, social compliance, EHS and C-TPAT, etc, identifying gaps and providing suggestion for corrective action, so that they can meet all the relevant requirements ASAP. During the improvement process, suppliers’ correction will be followed up timely.


Finally, regular audit will be conducted and continuous improvement be identified and required.